Anonymizing customer data

There are two ways of managing your customer data in your Enjoy account. Visibility of customer data such as name, email address and any properties and segments can be controlled at different levels. Our platform has a global switch which will stop synchronizing fetches of any of the customer data. For greater control, you can use our API to anonymize, delete and undelete individual customers selectively.

Enjoy uses customer's email address as the primary means of identification and linking customers with their feedback across all data sources.

Please note that the methods described here do not apply to personal details included in the customer's written feedback stored as EnjoyHQ's documents

Disabling customer data sync from Integrations

At your request, we can disable fetching customer data via our native integrations. The switch can be activated at any time during the lifetime or your account. If the switch is activated after the integrations have been connected, we can delete customer data at your request.

When the switch is active, the following integrations will not fetch any of the customer data:

  • Zendesk
  • Intercom
  • Wootric
  • Delighted
  • Jira Service Desk
  • AskNicely
  • Satismeter

The following integrations and data sources give you full control over which data to bring to your account:

  • Zapier
  • Typeform
  • Salesforce
  • Spreadsheet imports

To enable the switch, please email us at

Managing customer data via EnjoyHQ's public API

Our API supports selective anonymization of the data in your account. You can automate listing all known customers emails in your data set and use that list to remove their name, email address, and any other attribute. Anonymizing given customer record will also prevent their data from being synchronized from any integrations you have connected. Please refer to our API documentation for more details.

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