UserTesting integration allows you to automatically fetch any session clips created in any workspace you authorize.

The clips will include the note, anonymized participant information and additional metadata about the clip and session itself.

Connecting the integration

Head to the integrations page in your account, select UserTesting and click on "connect" to get started:

Once connected, EnjoyHQ will grab latest available clips in your account and continue to fetch new clips on an hourly basis.

Imported clips can be found in the global search area, added to any project and embedded in your Stories or Reports:


  1. Where are my clips? I have connected the integration some time ago and no data was synchronized.

At this time, the integration only supports UserTesting clips from open UserTesting workspaces.

If a clip is shared through this integration from a UserTesting account that has privacy settings activated, the clips can only be viewed when logged in to the UserTesting platform. This means that in order for teammates to view the clip that’s shown in EnjoyHQ, they must login to the UserTesting platform. 

If you require support or need help adjusting the privacy settings on your UserTesting account, please contact

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