Connecting your Intercom account

You will need a Standard Plan Intercom account Intercom's Free or Lite plan do not offer API access, therefore we will not be able to sync your data. You have to be paying for the plan above Intercom's trial / Starter plan for us to have access to your data via API

To connect your Intercom account to EnjoyHQ follow these steps:

  1. First, go to your EnjoyHQ > Account settings > Integrations and select Intercom.

  1. Log into your Intercom Account:
  2. Select which Intercom account you want to integrate with and allow EnjoyHQ to connect.

Great! Now EnjoyHQ is authenticated with your Intercom account.

EnjoyHQ will need a few minutes to fetch all your data. 
On a freemium Start plan, we sync up to 5000 of the most recent conversations from Intercom. When you upgrade to a paid plan, we then retrieve all of your historical data. New conversations will be always synchronized.

What data is synchronized from Intercom?

EnjoyHQ maps Intercom conversations as feedback documents. All of the content will be preserved, with attached images and formatting, along with all conversation metadata (tags, status, conversation attributes, original url of the conversation and so on).

Customer records and company data is synchronized as customer profiles in EnjoyHQ - we will fetch customer name, email, segments and all of the attributes as customer properties.

How often is the data fetched from Intercom?

New and existing conversations are fetched every hour.

For existing conversations - we will schedule a synchronization when at least of the following happens:

  • customer or agent reply to a conversation
  • a tag is added to a conversation
  • conversation status is updated

Customer and company data is fetched along with updated conversations. Additionally, we perform a once-a-day sync of all updated customer and company records, regardless if they opened or updated any of the conversations.

Metadata like source-type, conversation id, status at more are also fetched from your instance of Intercom. You can view this metadata by clicking the Document Info button on a particular datapoint in your EnjoyHQ account.


Not all conversations are fetched from Intercom

EnjoyHQ only syncs conversations which have at least one reply from a customer. For example, a marketing message sent via Intercom which got sent to 100 customers and got only replies from 5 of them will result in only these 5 conversations being synchronized.

Conversation tags

In Intercom, each conversation part can be tagged individually. However, when synchronized into Enjoy you can only see a flat list of tags per conversation. This is a limitation in Intercom's API: the conversation data provided doesn't contain the information about which part was tagged, only a list of tags for the whole conversation.

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