Let's connect your  account!

Once your account is connected, we will sync all your  data and new responses will be added to EnjoyHQ as they come to Promoter. We will also import any tags that are added to the document.

The sentiment is assigned based on the score of the responses. See below:

Now, let's grab your API details!
  1. You will need the following details to be able to integrate: Client ID, Client Secret and the Account Token.
    1. Client ID and Client Secret can be found in   Account > Account Settings > API in the left-hand menu
    2. The account token can be found in Account > Your Account, it should have the format of NPS-<numbers and letters>
  2. Now go to EnjoyHQ > Account area > Integrations and click on ‘Wootric’:
  3. Paste the Client ID, Client Secret and Account Token
  4. For the "Account Name" pick a memorable name, it will be used later to identify documents coming from that account as the source filter

Congratulations, your  account is now connected 🎊

EnjoyHQ will need a few minutes to fetch all your data. Be patient, good things come to those who wait 🙂
Updates after you connect:
  • We sync new data from Wootric once a day.
  • We only show customer responses with comments (we will store responses with NPS scores and no comments, but do not show them in the app.)
  • We sync updates to tags 7 days after feedback was submitted (e.g if you get feedback on Monday and tag it within Wootric on Friday you will see the tag update. If you tag it any later than 7 days the new tag won't sync, this is due to limitation in Wootric API.

If you don't see  in your sources Just repeat the steps above, and make sure your API details were filled in correctly.Got another issue? Just hit us up on the live chat bubble or email: support@getenjoyhq.com

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