JIRA Service Desk

Our JIRA Service Desk integration allows you to fetch customer support tickets (along with their custom attributes and labels), as well as customer information from multiple Service Desk projects.

The data ticket is fetched on an hourly interval.

Connecting the integration

Before you connect JIRA Service Desk, you will need an API token. Here's how to get one:

Generate new JIRA API token

We use API tokens for authentication when syncing requests between JIRA service desk and your EnjoyHQ account.

You can generate a new token in your JIRA user profile at Manage your account.

 Make sure to set sensible name for the new token (e.g. '-token') so you won't accidentally delete it in future.

Don't forget to copy your token to the clipboard before exiting the screen:

The user which is used for generating token needs to have access to all projects you want to fetch data from and needs to have 'BROWSE_PROJECT' and 'SERVICEDESK_AGENT' permissions on those projects.

Connecting the integration

Once you obtain an API token, got to your integration area in the account settings, provide authentication credentials and select which project's data you'd like to connect:

We will start fetching the data right away. Please note that you have to select at least one project, to start synchronizing your JIRA support tickets.

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