Accounts structure and workspaces

How are accounts structured?

EnjoyHQ is a collaborative tool, meaning you can set up multiple workspaces within your account. Each of these workspaces can be set up with the users and permissions of your choosing. The only exception is the Default Workspace: the landing ground for users that enter via the magic link of via SSO.

The default workspace

The first non-demo workspace that is created by the account Owner becomes the default workspace. Any user that is invited to an account will always have access to the default workspace. It will always contain the full list of users in the account. This is because users must always belong to at least one workspace.

To remove users from the default workspace Owners will need to deleted them fully from the account. If the magic link or SSO is being used to invite users, those entering EnjoyHQ for the first time via these methods will only be able to access the default workspace. Their roles can then be changed, and they can be invited to additional workspaces.

Owners can reach out to Technical Support via the Chatbot to change their account's default workspace and to create additional workspaces.

How to switch between workspaces?

If your Owner has set up multiple workspaces, you will see an additional option in your user menu. You will also see a dropdown in the Homepage. From here, you can pick any of the workspaces linked to your account and see its data, classify it and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the data shared between workspaces?

No. Workspaces are completely isolated, all the way down to rules, tags, properties and even integrations.

  1. What happens to user roles when they switch between workspaces?

Users can have different roles in different workspaces. You can manage your invites so that you can keep a workspace private, with only a subset of users having access, this is useful for secure or sensitive datasets.

  1. How do I create an additional workspace?

Owners can reach out to our Technical Support to create a new workspace with your desired name. You can then begin inviting users, adding data, building the taxonomy etc.

  1. How do I change the default workspace?

Again, reach out to our Technical Support with your account Owner in cc and we can switch the default to the workspace of your choosing.


  • At the moment, workspaces cannot be renamed - please reach out to us, and we can do it for you
  • Data cannot be moved or copied between workspaces

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