Creating video and audio clips

The media clipping feature is in beta - some of the functionality might change in the future and will greatly appreciate any feedback!

You can extract clips of any video or audio file imported into your EnjoyHQ workspace. Once, created - a clip is attached to the corresponding highlight, and can be searched for, embedded in a story, or shared with anybody in your team.

How to create clips?

Clips are always attached to highlights in the video's transcript - you can either select text and use the "create clip" option,

or attach a clip to an existing highlight:

When created, the clip is playable within the content of the document:

Clip editor

The clip editor allows you to adjust the start time and duration of your clip, as well as attach an optional clip title and description.

1. The start and end time control clips duration - you can adjust them by 1s

2. Highlight text will display the selected text - you can use this to match the clip's start/end settings to match the highlighted content

Currently, the editor will approximate the start and end time of the clip, it does not read any timing information from the transcript. More accurate clip timing will be supported in the future.

The upside is that you can create clips that are not tied to the transcript's content, e.g it is possible to edit the transcript, add your own note like "This is where search fails" and create a clip for a completely silent part of the video

3. and 4. - you can optionally add a title and description to your clip - these can be helpful and add context to the clipped part of your media

Working with clips

Since clips are attached to highlights - you can tag them, leave comments and embed them in your stories or project summaries just like regular highlights:

Additionally, we have provided a new search shortcut to quickly find highlights with clips attached:

You can combine this filter with any other search criteria such as tags, highlight content, and more.


Can I export clip files?

Not at the moment, we're planning to add that feature in the future

Can I share a clip?

Yes, clips are attached to highlights and are shared with them. Learn more here

Can I combine several clips into one video?

Not at the moment, we'd love to hear from you about this feature - please get in touch with us at

Can I adjust clip time by milliseconds?

Unfortunately due to limitations of how web browser's video playback works, we can only support seconds.

Can I customize the clip or video thumbnail?

That feature is coming soon!

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