Exporting data

You can take out data out of EnjoyHQ at any point in time. We have built the support for exporting the feedback data (documents, highlights and customer profiles) as well as research data (Project reports and stories)

Exporting feedback data and customer profiles

Exports allow you to take analyzed data from EnjoyHQ and share it with your data science team or get email addresses of your customers to message them.

When in the Search area, export options become active, only after you run a search:

Once you run a search query and get results you can request a data export. EnjoyHQ will prepare a CSV file and email the link to you.

Exports in projects

You can export project data directly from a project's data section or analysis board:

Supported data exports

Limits: Each export file can contain up to 5000 documents/highlights/actors. If the data you wish to export has more than 5000 rows, you will receive the data in multiple files each with 5000 items.

Exported fields

  • id
  • content
  • tags (comma separated)
  • projects (comma separated list of project titles)
  • sentiment
  • source
  • name of the customer who gave the feedback (if available)
  • email of the customer who gave the feedback (if available)
  • metadata (any extra information ingested with the document)
  • properties
  • creation date
  • ID
  • ID of the document which contains the highlight
  • content
  • sentiment
  • tags (comma separated)
  • source of the document which contains the highlight
  • name of the customer who gave the feedback (if available)
  • email of the customer who gave the feedback (if available)
  • properties
  • creation date
  • name
  • email
  • all properties
  • all segments
Project analysis board

(this option is only active from within a project)

  • ID of the item (document or highlight)
  • subject (for documents)
  • content
  • theme names
  • link to the document/highlight
  • document/highlight attributes (source, tags & properties)

Export API: We offer an export API you can use to export data on an ongoing basis into other tools. The export API is included in the Enterprise plan. Get in touch with us for more information. support@getenjoyhq.com

Exporting video, audio and clips

Download original

For videos you've uploaded to EnjoyHQ, you can download the original from the three-dot overflow menu in the top right corner of the video document.

Download video and audio clips

You can export audio and video clips by clicking the "Prepare for download" button on the classification modal (see below). The .mp4 (for video clips) or .mp3 file (for audio clips) will then be prepared for you. Once it is ready, you'll be able to download it by clicking the "Download clip" button.

Preparation times may vary, so feel free to move on and make clips to other videos, the app will send you a notification via email and in-app so you can keep track. Click the link in the email to quickly jump back to the clip to download it.

🙋 The clip you've made can be downloaded by any Admin or Collaborator users in the workspace.

Prepare for download


Ready to download

Clip preparation times may vary, but carry on working and you'll get a notification inside the app and via email to easily return to the clip to download it once processed.

Exporting Stories and Project reports

Both Stories and Project reports (with attached Stories) can be exported as PDF files.


You can export stories by selecting the "Export to PDF" option from the "more" menu:


The Report export can be found in the three dots in the top right corner of the Report page.

When selected, the file will be downloaded by your browser within seconds. If your report is complicated, it might take a while - in that case you can choose to have the exported file delivered to you via email.

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