Customer Segments

  1. When it comes to customer feedback, not all feedback is created equal. Just as important as the content of the feedback is the person who provided it.

Here's a quick video about how to create customer segments easily

By segmenting feedback based on user type, behaviors, or specific properties (what they do with the product), you’ll see the data in more strategic ways.

For example, If your business is a SaaS company, you may want to create the following segments:

  • Trialists
  • Enterprise customers
  • Churned/canceled customers
  • Customer who tried but did not convert

For research purposes you can consider using segments such as:

  • Persona A
  • Frequent feature X users
  • Cohort X User

This will help you understand whether or not you want to prioritize certain work or monitor requests from specific groups of users. 

Importing segments from connected integrations

Several of our integrations can bring not only feedback but also user data into EnjoyHQ. Currently, the following integrations provide full synchronization of user properties (email, name, custom attributes, company attributes and so on) which can be used to create segments:

The following integrations synchronize basic customer information (email and name):

Additionally, you can manually add user information to any document in EnjoyHQ by clicking on "Add User" button:

Adding customers manually: When you add users manually like the example above, you enable EnjoyHQ to match that customers across multiple sources. We will never contact your customers on your behalf.

Now that your user information is in EnjoyHQ you can start creating user segments You can now group user based on what they do in your app or any other filter available in your account.

Creating segments

Segments can be created in the "People" section in the Search area:

Clicking on "Create segment" will open a segment configuration screen where you specify your filter which defines which customers should be included in the segment as well as the segment name:

Currently segment queries cannot contain date filters. e.g creating segments which find customers who signed up more than 6 months ago or within a specific date range is not possible.

Using segments

Once created segments will show up in the user profile. Clicking on any of the segments will trigger a search and find feedback from all users in said segment

In your search area you can activate the filter called people and check which users properties are available in your account. If you can't find specific properties, please get in touch, we would love to help you build useful segments.

Managing Imported Segments

Integrations such as Intercom will also import segments into EnjoyHQ and synchronize their state periodically.

Just like with tags or user properties - not all segments will be relevant in EnjoyHQ You can hide unwanted imported segments by clicking on 'eye' icon.

Segments are not removed and you can bring them back any time.

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